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Our organization focuses on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, and as such most of our wildlife are in rehab and are not available for public viewing as the stress can hinder the rehab process. We do however have a few unreleasable animals (crocodiles, turtles, iguanas, birds) on our property which people are welcome to schedule a time to come visit and learn about. Please keep in mind we are a rehab center and not a zoo, and after struggling financially to get through the pandemic and lockdowns, we are still very much a work in progress. That being said, your visit will be very educational and focuses on conservation and protection of our native wildlife. While we don’t have a facility the size of a zoo, we guarantee you’ll walk away with a new level of appreciation for some magnificent creatures who call the island home.

We don’t charge for our time, but do ask that you make a donation towards our non-profit work so we can continue being a free-of-charge service to our community and wildlife.

To schedule a visit, please contact or call


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