Aces team of volunteers provide 24/7 emergency response on Ambergris Caye for injured, ill, orphaned, or displaced wildlife, assistance in human wildlife conflict resolution, and a close port of call for Caye Caulker critters in need of aid. We specialize in reptile and avian care and rehabilitation, but we are experienced in handling a wide variety of animals and we will respond to any and all calls for wildlife that needs our help.

poor turtle_edited.jpg

A Furrowed Wood Turtle rescued from terrible
captive conditions handed over to Aces

Frigate release.jpg

The release of a Magnificent Frigatebird who'd had
her pouch torn open by a fishing
hook requiring surgery to close the wound


Pre-release check up of
a boa injured on a construction site

Rehabbed merlin in aviary prior to release.jpg

A merlin being introduced to a flight enclosure to build strength in preparation for his release

pelican 1.jpg

A Pelican with a hook stuck in his mouth pre-capture. He had multiple hooked stuck all over his body

baby coon 1.jpg

An orphaned baby raccoon getting
weighed during her intake exam

croc in sewage pit rescue 2.jpg

This large lady had fallen into a pit at the local sewage treatment ponds and had no way of climbing the vertical concrete walls